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OilMet Ltd is a product sourcing, contract manufacturing and supply chain management company. Our expertise lies in our understanding of sourcing in Asia, encompassing the complete supply chain from raw material procurement, manufacturing to supply of the packaged product. Our customers are typically companies who see us as an extension of their own sourcing department. All of our team members come from a background of manufacturing and sourcing in Asia and have a combined experience of over 50 years.


  • Language

  • Culture

  • Are people who they claim to be, manufacturers or actually traders?

  • Who can I trust?

  • How and where in Asia do I find the product I actually want?

  • What if tooling is required?

  • How do I organise independent quality control/inspection?

  • How do I organise the logistics if I purchase part container loads from various factories spread across Asia?

  • If I have a problem-how do I sort it out on the other side of the world?

  • How do I obtain the necessary documentation to satisfy local authorities?

Through our very strong value proposition and experienced personnel, in Europe, North America  and Asia, bridging the cultural gap between East and West, OilMet answer these questions.

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