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Manufacturing High Quality Products for the Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy Sectors


Direct Manufacturing

Access to direct low cost manufacturing through our parent facility LYGM Subsea Oil Equipment located in Jiangsu Province, China.  Specialists in the manufacturing of Subsea Forgings used in the exploration & production of hydrocarbons in the subsea and surface markets.  Experts in advanced heat treament, CNC Machining and D.T/N.D.T

Indirect Manufacturing

OilMet provides a professional and experienced interface between our customers in the west and our pre-qualified parters in China.  We ensure the protection of our clients intellectual property and manage the sourcing cycle from initiation to completion.  Product categories include ferrous and non-ferrous forgings, castings, extrusions, fabrications, machined parts

Supply Chain Management & Inspection Services

With our on the ground presence and our industry expertise, we are a useful resource to our clients as a third party inspection service. We offer our specialist engineers & expeditors at competitive daily or weekly rates to visit any manufacturing facility in China to perform inspection, witnessing and/or general progressing of projects. All of our staff in this department are very competent in English and you will receive a first class legible report



OilMet Ltd prides its self on providing a first class manufacturing and supply chain management service to our global customer base. We are headquartered in the UK and offer a wealth of experience in the provision of bespoke manufactured steel component parts & assemblies which are utilised predominantly in the oil & gas and alternative energy industries. 

OilMet Ltd. is proud to represent LYGM Subsea Oil Equipment Co., Ltd within Europe & North America territories.  Our vast experience in providing a professional interface between western OEM customer and Chinese manufacturer has enabled our relationships to flourish and our business grow all whilst providing our clients with exceptional quality subsea forgings delivered on-time at incredible value for money from this API Q1 certified facility in Jiangsu province China.  

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In addition to subsea forgings, OilMet Ltd also has strategic alliances with consistently high performing sub-contract manufacturers in China where we are also able to lend our expertise and remove the risk of sourcing products such as fabrications, castings, extrusions and general machined parts.  All manufactured as per your drawings and specifications and delivered to your door

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